Carl H. Bradford 3

Creating a great visual or brand identity story for my partners is what I’m about!
My philosophy is that a solid creative strategy coupled with effective design has great value and power. Building that value and voice through design, is what I do best. I not only answer the why, but I have fun doing it. Because, if we are not having fun by doing what we love, then why are              we doing it?

I am a dynamic creative strategist with in-depth experience in areas of design and design management across media platforms. My love of art, design, music and rhythmic pace has a huge influence on my creative approach and executions. I dwell in the creative experience in our
global communities. My approach in marketing and brand development for corporations is simple…understand the elements and tell their story. I design and ideate for print, web and television it’s what I do.

Currently, I serve as the Creative Director and client mentor for a retail pet company called An underling company of Wow In-Sync, it helps clients with disabilities gain valuable work experience to help them enter the job market. In addition, I’m always in a design
consulting mode for CBS Evening News as well as my client base from the DC and Atlanta areas.
I’m highly proficient at analyzing an organization’s creative requirements, identifying their deficiencies, and creating potential opportunities that result in innovative and cost-effective brand solutions that enhance market competitiveness. As a collaborative change agent,
I’m skilled in building award winning creative solutions, full of impact that deliver. Creative solutions that meet and exceed organizational and departmental goals. I believe in winning! It begins today!

About Us

The best design has always been in nature..simplicity at its best...

Studiob3 Creative, is a visualization company that specializes in marketing design, brand identity and strategy, artistic products and solutions. We formulate brand identity systems, visualization tactics, and creative solutions.

Solving today's business problems with strategic, creative agility. Studiob3 Design boasts a broad skill set, specializing in “graphic design, and illustration” a grouping that includes exhibits, museums, signage, and public arts spaces.

Started in 2005, our philosophy includes strategic exploration and a commitment to design, creative excellence and innovation.  We specialize in creating visual identities for many well known brands, including Indigo Hotels, DIAGEO, Taste the trends Food and Wine Festivals, Clark Atlanta University, Howard University Hospital, Wow InSinc,, IBM, AT&T, AFC Corporation, INTHEMIX Magazine, international and area businesses.

We develop strategic and creatively unique solutions which convey the client’s individual story and needs. Strategic alliances with firms in the U.S., Montreal and Dubai, allow us to be involved in a number of design or creative solutions simultaneously. These alliances provide access to local talent on international projects, allowing tight quality control, fabrication, and cultural connections.

How we do it

- Client discusses or addresses scope of project or project deliverables

- Client develops preliminary budget for project

- Client and designer meet for preliminary discussions and portfolio review (face to face meeting or use social media out-lets such as Skype as an alternative if client and designer are unable to meet face to face)

- Designer typically requests deposit payment on the project

Orientation Research

- Client provides any relevant background information and materials

- Designer leads client through creative briefing

- Designer commences research (as needed) regarding:

•    Competitive landscape

•    Market research

•    Design research

Client confirms the media in which designer will be producing.  Example: (brand identity, web,print, or broadcast ) And confirms any technical parameters or limitations.

- Client and designer confirm needs assessment


- Designer analyzes the research and information gathered

- Designer develops design and functionality criteria

- Designer develops a strategy that fits the clients set of deliverables.

- Designer presents all of the above for client input or approval


- Based on client approved strategy, designer develops preliminary design concepts

- We have many ways to develop concepts for the various needs of our clients.

•    Layout creation

- Client provides insights and initial validation of the concept direction to make sure project stated objectives and goals are being met

- Typically we develop several alternative concepts that will be narrowed down to a couple ideas for further development

- Based on the approved concept (during exploration) designer develops the design concepts

- Further iterations of the concepts will be provided as tighter representations of the design:

•    Comprehensive layouts

•    Page spread

- In the development step the client picks one design to be refined the designer


- Designer makes minor modifications which includes minimal changes on aesthetic elements and client request

- Designer presents the above for discussion and approval

- Designer initiates meeting with team members and fulfillment or pre production needs include:

•    Printer

•    Manufacturer

•    Photographer


- With an approved design the designer begins implementation of the design across all the required deliverables. For my services it would include:

•    Print: finished art, camera ready art

•    Web: all content delivered, finished graphic elements and photos, detailed flowchart

- Depending on the project and delivery media, the production materials are often handed to a third party which includes:

•    Pre-press/Printer

•    Media outlet

•    Launched on web

•    Designer or client supervises the management of the above suppliers


Project Completion


- Designer and client have a project debriefing to review project outcome

- Designer writes up a case study

- Designer closes invoices project

- Client pays design



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